In WhatsApp, you can archive messages that you no longer participate in. This is a way for you to hide old messages but not fully deleting them in case you need to refer to them again in the future. However, one annoying feature is that whenever the other party in the archived chat sends a message, it will automatically unarchive itself.

However, there is some good news on that front because WhatsApp has announced that they will be introducing a new setting that will give users the option of how archived messages are handled. With this change, users can now choose if they want to keep archived messages hidden and muted, or if they want to keep the current behavior of the app.

If users opt for the former, this means that even if a thread from the archive becomes active again, it will remain archived and muted so you don’t need to bother with it. However, if they wish to participate in the chat, they can do so by unarchiving it manually. We’re not sure what took WhatsApp this long to introduce this feature as there have been many people who have expressed frustration at the dredging up of unwanted archived messages.

These changes should already be live so make sure that you have the latest version of WhatsApp if you’d like to take advantage of it.

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