Gadgets like the Xbox Kinect and Intel’s RealSense cameras are actually pretty cool pieces of technology, where they use AI and cameras to help track objects and people. In fact, Xiaomi’s recently-announced CyberDog uses Intel’s RealSense cameras to help navigate itself around and to avoid obstacles.

However, it seems that maybe the consumer market just isn’t ready for these types of technology yet because following in Microsoft’s footsteps, it looks like Intel will be stopping the work on its RealSense cameras. This was confirmed to CRN by Intel where a spokesperson issued a statement.

According to the Intel spokesperson, “We are winding down our RealSense business and transitioning our computer vision talent, technology and products to focus on advancing innovative technologies that better support our core businesses and IDM 2.0 strategy.” The spokesperson added, “We will continue to meet our commitments to our current customers and are working with our employees and customers to ensure a smooth transition.”

Speaking to CRN, Kent Tibbils, the VP of marketing at ASI, a company that distributes RealSense products, said the news wasn’t surprising. “There were only a few that were buying multiple units, like 10 to 40 at a time. It was definitely very nichey and very specialized for the general channel. It wasn’t a huge product.”

It would have been interesting to see what the world and technology could have looked like if Intel were to have kept RealSense around, but for now, it looks like Intel will be passing on the baton.

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