One of the changes that will be coming in iOS 15 would be Safari. Apple gave the browser a rather radical facelift when they first announced it at WWDC. One of the changes was the URL bar where Apple decided to bring it to the bottom instead of keeping it at the top. This was an interesting and odd choice given that people were used to it being at the top.

However, the reasoning for this is that it would make it better for one-handed use, but still, it was controversial enough that throughout the entire iOS 15 beta, Apple had to keep revising Safari’s design to tone it down. However, in the latest iOS 15 developer beta, it seems that Apple has introduced a setting that will let users choose between the new or old design.

This means that if you can’t stand the new design and can’t get used to the layout, you can always opt to keep using the old design instead. However, the problem is we’re not sure if Apple plans to maintain support for the old design for an extended period of time.

We imagine that over time Apple will want to make changes and improvements to Safari based on the new design, and this means that for those who opt to use the old design, they might not benefit from these changes. Either way, that’s a problem for the future, but in the meantime for those who dislike the new design, then this option should be good news for you.

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