WhatsApp, like most apps, goes through beta testing. This is necessary because before they release the app to the public, they need to make sure that it works. After all, if they release an app or update to the masses and it doesn’t work or worse, breaks the app, it would be kind of disastrous.

The app already has betas for its mobile apps on iOS and Android, but now according to WABetaInfo, it seems that WhatsApp is also working on bringing its public beta program for its desktop app as well. As many of you know, WhatsApp has a desktop app that lets users chat from their computers instead of having to constantly reach for their phones.

This beta program basically lets users participate in it so that they can try out new features ahead of everyone, as well as help WhatsApp figure out bugs and potential security vulnerabilities before it is released to the public. This beta will cover both the versions for Windows and macOS. If you’re interested, you can download the Windows version here or if you’re on macOS, you can download that version here.

Do note that since it’s a beta, you will encounter bugs and issues so maybe using it as your daily driver might not be the best idea.

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