Apple’s iPad lineup consists of the top-of-the-line iPad Pro, then the iPad Air, the iPad mini, and the “regular” iPad which is an entry-level tablet for those looking to get into the iPad ecosystem. If you don’t need the highest-end iPad Pro, then you will be pleased to learn that Apple has since announced an update to the iPad lineup.

The new iPad will be powered by the A13 chipset, which is admittedly two generations behind already, but given that this particular model is designed to be cheap, it’s understandable. Apple is also claiming that the use of the A13 will make this model 20% faster than its predecessor. They also took a dig at Google by claiming that the A13 is 6x faster compared to Android tablets.

In addition to the faster chipset, Apple has also improved on the camera for better low-light photography, which is great, but the front-facing camera has also been given a huge upgrade to a 12MP ultra-wide sensor and will now support an iPad Pro feature – Center Stage. For those unfamiliar, this is where the front-facing camera can “track” the subject to keep them centered.

The new, refreshed iPad will also sport a True Tone display, will support the Smart Keyboard, and also the Apple Pencil. The tablet will be priced starting at $329 for 64GB and is available for order today and is expected to begin shipping out to customers next week.

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