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Google is no stranger when it comes to tablets. The company has created tablets in the past that were part of its Nexus lineup, and they also followed up with devices like the Pixel C and Pixel Slate. However, we haven’t really heard anything from the company since then with regards to newer tablets.

That being said, the folks over at LetsGoDigital have since stumbled across a patent filed by Google back in 2019 that was recently published by the Japan Patent Office in June 2021. It was for a tablet that featured an edge-to-edge display along with a huge rectangular section on the back of it.

What’s odd about this patent is that it doesn’t seem to have any cutouts for the front or rear-facing cameras, but designer Giuseppe Spinelli decided to create some mockups on how it could look like, as you can see in the render above. It is a rather futuristic-looking design, and oddly enough rather Pixel-looking as well.

It is unclear if this patent was filed simply to protect Google’s design and interest, or if it could be a sign of things to come. However, as it was filed in 2019 and we haven’t heard anything since, it’s hard to say what will happen, so maybe don’t get your hopes up just yet at seeing a new Google tablet.

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