In the past, Google’s Nexus handsets were priced rather affordably, but as we have seen with other budget handsets and brands, over time those prices started to increase once customers started to buy them. It looks like the upcoming Google Pixel 6 Pro could hit peak pricing, or at least that’s what the latest rumors are suggesting.

In a video by Brandon Lee of This Is Tech Today, it seems that he got a tip off from one of his sources who allegedly works at a cellular retailer in Europe. According to the source, they told him that the Pixel 6 is expected to cost around €649, while the Pixel 6 Pro will cost around €899. This is pretty expensive, especially when you consider the fact that the iPhone 13 mini is priced around €799 on the Apple Germany website.

We’re not sure how much it would cost when it is launched in the US since converting from EUR to USD isn’t an accurate representation of price, but chances are it won’t be as cheap as some of you might have been hoping.

In a way we shouldn’t be surprised as the new Pixel 6 phones will be powered by Google’s Tensor chipset, so we imagine that part of the reason behind the higher price could be because of the investment Google made in its development. In any case, nothing is confirmed yet so for all we know, it could be cheaper, so take it with a grain of salt for now.

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