Razer makes a bunch of different accessories, gadgets, and peripherals targeted at gamers, although it seems that the company might have launched their most ridiculous one yet. This comes in the form of the Razer Gaming Finger Sleeve which feels like April Fools came either too early or too late.

According to Razer, “Slip on and never slip up with Razer Gaming Finger Sleeve that will seal your mobile victory. Woven with high-sensitivity silver fiber for enhanced aim and control, our breathable sleeves keep your fingers deadly cool in the heat of battle, so you’ll always have a grip on the game.”

To be fair, we can’t really fault the company for launching it. Mobile gaming is quite a big deal these days, so if they can capitalize on that with these types of accessories where some gamers think it could give them an edge, then why not, right?

We’re not sure how well they actually work but thankfully they’re not that expensive. They will be priced at $9.99 for a pair so if you are curious, then you can head on over to Razer’s website and check it out. It is quite a novel idea, but hopefully this isn’t going to kick start some new trend where we start seeing people sitting in cafes with finger sleeves and gaming on their phones.

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