It’s not uncommon to find many homes and offices relying on all-in-one printing, scanning, faxing, and photocopying systems. This is because it makes so much more sense to own a single gadget that does everything rather than multiple standalone gadgets that only fulfil one purpose.

Unfortunately for Canon, it seems that the company is finding themselves on the end of a lawsuit after a customer has sued them for not allowing owners of certain printers to scan or fax when the printer runs out of ink.

The lawsuit was filed by Canon customer David Leacraft, who discovered that his Pixma MG6320 printer refused to scan or fax documents whenever the printer was out of ink. The argument is that since it does not require ink to scan a document into a computer or to send a fax, these features shouldn’t be disabled when the printer does not have ink.

Leacraft isn’t the only customer with this issue as there have been several complaints made over the years by customers who faced similar problems as he did. Customer service agents were discovered to have told these customers that an ink cartridge must be installed and contain ink for these features to work.

The lawsuit is alleging that Canon’s marketing of these devices as “all-in-one” are misleading, false, and “likely to deceive the public”. Canon has yet to respond to this lawsuit so it remains to be seen what they will say or do about it.

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