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Having Problems Printing? The Latest Windows 10 Update Should Fix That
Printing is pretty much a basic function that all computers should be capable of doing, but it seems that Microsoft might have broken the print functionality for Windows 10 computers in a recent update that has caused users all kinds of issues when trying to print from their computers.

PrinCube Is A Color Printer That You Can Take With You On The Go
When we think of printers, chances are you might be thinking of those big and bulky gadgets sitting in offices and in the corners of our homes. While they might be perfect for where they are, it also means that printing on the go is essentially out of the question, or is it? That’s the problem that the PrinCube is trying to solve.

How To Print On iPhone
Printing from your mobile device is a lot easier these days, and if you are looking for how to print on your iPhone, here are several different methods that you can check out.

Printers Hacked Worldwide, Asks People To Subscribe To PewDiePie
One of the joys of modern day printers is that they can print wirelessly. This means that regardless of what device you’re using, you will be able to send documents and images to the printer without having to deal with cables and all that jazz. Unfortunately hooking a printer up to the network also means that opening ourselves up to potential hacks.


Printer Makers Are Disabling Cheap Ink Cartridges
Printers for the most part aren’t terribly expensive. In fact finding a cheap printer is a pretty easy thing to do, the expensive part would be the ink where buying it officially can cost quite a bit if you’re buying them in bulk, or if you need to replace them often. This is why many people have turned to the use of third-party cartridges that are usually much cheaper.

Canon Unveils IVY Portable Wireless Photo Printer
Wireless and portable photo printers aren’t new. In fact Fujifilm might be a company that users might be more familiar with when it comes to such devices. However in case you’re looking for an alternative, you might be interested to learn that Canon has recently announced their latest wireless portable photo printer dubbed IVY.

Casio Mofrel 2.5D Printer Emulates Leather Texture and Color
Casio, typically known for its watches or cameras has come up with a new printer and printing technology named Mofrel which outputs 2.5 dimensions (2.5D) color prints that can mimic all kinds of surfaces from leather, to tatami mats to bricks. Now, the technology is already helping industrial designers prototype concepts faster, but in the future, it could very well be used to directly manufacture specific products.

LG's New Pocket Photo Printer Enables Easy Printing On The Move
We don’t really print pictures like we used to back in the day. These days it’s much easier to quickly take a picture with your smartphone and share it instantly with the world online. Gone are the days when we would need to take the film to get developed and would then make physical albums to store those prints. Nevertheless, there’s still a market for instant photo printers and LG […]

HP To Acquire Samsung’s Printer Business For $1.05 Billion
The printer industry is something we don’t really think too much about. We do need printers, but since their jobs are pretty specific like to print, photocopy, or to scan, as long as it gets the job done there’s really not much to think about when choosing a printer. However HP believes that they can do something to “disrupt” the industry.

This Printer Concept Will Make Your Home Feel Less Like An Office
Printers are these chunky looking devices that we have in our homes and offices. If you got those printer, scanner, and copier combos, then chances are you will end up with an even bulkier device than just say a regular printer. While they get the job done, let’s face it, they’re not exactly very nice to look at.

Epson’s EcoTank Printer Will Save You On Multiple Ink Refills
If there’s one thing we dislike about inkjet printers is the need to constantly buy new ink cartridges. This can be a costly process especially if you print a lot, but sometimes you just cannot help it. This sometimes results in users trying to micromanage their ink by only choosing important documents to print in color.However Epson has a solution for you in the form of the EcoTank. This is […]

How To Print From Android Phones
Even with so much advancement in the digital world, the need for printing still exists, especially, at the corporate level. If you print often and are looking for a convenient way to print from your mobile, then printing right from your Android phone may be of interest.This is not a “stock Android” feature, but Google offers a free and simple solution for it. The best part is that, you don’t […]

12 Year Old Builds Braille Printer From Legos
We’ve come across Legos at some point in our childhood, some have simply come to know of its existence when they’ve stepped on one, but it goes without saying that there’s a lot one can make out of Legos. That’s the whole idea behind them anyway. Last year the company launched its lineup of EV3 Mindstorms robots, but instead of building a goofy robot, 12 year old Shubham Banerjee, a […]

Fujifilm’s INSTAX SHARE Is A Portable Printer For Smartphones
[CES 2014] Our smartphones and tablets these days are able to snap hundreds, if not thousands of photos, and thanks to internet being widely available these days, sharing photos can be done in an instant to anyone around the world. However there is also the charm of being able to print photos and collecting them in a scrap book or framing them up on the wall, which is where Fujifilm’s […]

Samsung Considering New Line Of Eco-Friendly Printers You Can Fold
As much as we try to live a life free of paper, you’re going to come across a time in your life where you absolutely need a printer to fill out paperwork, print out customized greeting cards, or to print out incriminating evidence for later use. Printers are a dime a dozen these days, which is why if you’re going to purchase one, you might as well go for an […]

LG Launches The Pocket Photo Smart Printer In The UK
Wouldn’t it be fun if you could print photos with you while you’re on the go? While we doubt this is what the vast majority of you guys out there need, but it does hold some novelty appeal, plus it sounds like it could be a great way to create some physical memories while on roadtrips and what not. In any case if this sounds like something you could be […]

HP Office Pro X Printer Enters Guinness World Records
This is not something that happens every week: an inkjet printer enters to Guinness World Records as it can consistently reach a print speed of 70 pages per minute (ppm), which makes it the world fastest desktop printer apparently (just slightly faster than Memjet). HP is capable of reaching those speed because they use a technology called Page-wide, which reduced the amount of motion that need to happen during the […]

HP LaserJet printers are open to hacker attacks according to researchers [Updated]
So as far as the general public is concerned, our printers pretty much do one thing which is to print our documents, so it would never really occur to the layman that hackers could actually hack into our printers for malicious purposes, at least until now thanks to a group of researchers at Columbia University who discovered that a security flaw that affected printers.

Canon Pixma Pro-1 printer aimed at pro photographers
Heads up pro photographers and serious hobbyists, if you’re interested in printing “gallery-quality” photos, you are in luck as Canon has unveiled the Canon Pixma Pro-1 printer, which apparently has been created with the pro photographer in mind.

Epson WorkForce range multiplies
Epson is a name that is synonymous with quality printers, and their latest attempt sees an expansion of the WorkForce line, sporting new all-in-one machines that are touted to offer superior performance for smaller businesses and organizations. The Epson WorkForce 435, 545, 645 and 845 are capable of offering performance as well as savings, being touted to boast the world’s fastest print speeds and mobile printing capabilities via Epson Connect […]