One of the ways Instagram content creators make money through the app is by seeking out sponsors who might pay them for posts. However, there is the question of how do these creators find sponsors in the first place? Cold calling might help, but we imagine it might be better if there was an easier way.

It turns out that’s what Instagram is trying to do because the company has announced that they are working on tools that will make it easier for creators to be matched with brands who might be willing to sponsor them. These tools will allow creators to express an interest in the brands that they might be interested in working with, while brands can also use this tool to seek out creators who suit their image.

Instagram is also working on a separate inbox for sponsors, which means that it’ll be easier for creators to identify messages sent to them from a potential sponsor instead of getting lost in the sea of messages that some creators receive. These tools are still in the early stages of development and only a handful of brands and creators are taking part as a test, but we expect that these tools should eventually expand to cover more brands and creators in the future.

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