Social media is a great way to catch up with friends and family and also to see what the rest of the world is doing, but sometimes it can be bad for mental health. This is because sometimes, some people get obsessed with social media and start comparing themselves to what they’re seeing online, which doesn’t always tell the whole story.

This unhealthy obsession can be bad, especially for users who might be younger and more impressionable. So much so that Facebook has decided to implement a reminder feature for its teen users where they’ll remind them to take a break from social media every now and then to help with mental health.

This is according to Facebook global affairs VP and former UK deputy prime minister Nick Clegg who told CNN, “We’re going to introduce something which I think will make a considerable difference, which is where our systems see that the teenager is looking at the same content over and over again, and it’s content which may not be conducive to their well-being, we will nudge them to look at other content.”

The company did not state specifically when the feature will be rolling out, but it might be something to look forward to in the future. Companies like Apple and Google already have similar-ish features where they can show users how much time they spend on certain apps, and also allow users to set time limits on apps and be reminded when their time is up.

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