If you’re trying to go live on Instagram and attract as many followers as possible, it would be nice to give them a heads up first. This is because if you told your followers what time you plan on going live, some of them might try to free up some time to watch, as opposed to you spontaneously going live where other people might be busy.

Unfortunately, unlike Facebook or YouTube where you can schedule live shows, Instagram did not have such a feature. We say “did not” because that will change soon. Instagram has announced that soon, users will be able to schedule their live shows as much as 90 days in advance, so whether you’re an individual or a company planning a live event, you can now schedule it in advance.


In addition to live scheduling, Instagram has also announced plans to roll out a “Practice Mode” for going live. Basically, this will allow users to connect with guests ahead of the live show so that they can do things like check audio levels, their outfits, lighting, and more, to ensure a smooth as possible live event.

These features are expected to be rolled out soon so if you’re a creator on Instagram looking to get more organized, these are the features you can look forward to in the near future.

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