One of the features that Apple announced at WWDC 2021 that would be part of iOS 15, is called SharePlay. This is basically where users on a FaceTime call can do things together like share each other’s screen, music, and so on. However, it was not part of the iOS 15 update, at least until now.

If SharePlay was a feature that you have been eagerly looking forward to, then you’ll want to update ASAP. This is because Apple has since released the iOS 15.1 update and as part of that update, SharePlay is one of the features you can anticipate.

In addition to SharePlay, iOS 15.1 brings other features to the table. For example, iPhone 13 Pro users will now be able to record ProRes videos. Apple has also made some changes to the iPhone 13’s macro photography where users can disable it if they want in case macro photos wasn’t something they intended to do.

There are also new Shortcuts tools with pre-built actions that let you overlay text on images or GIFs, plus there are also a bunch of new games that you can play with Siri if that’s your kind of thing. The update should already be live so head on over to your iPhone’s Settings to pull it manually if you haven’t received the prompt yet.

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