Generally speaking, laptops can be used by anyone for almost anything regardless of their profession. However, sometimes laptop makers can create devices that are meant for specific uses, which we imagine is what Lenovo is trying to go for with its upcoming 17-inch ThinkBook Plus laptop.

This is according to a post on Twitter by Evan Blass who shared a render of the upcoming laptop (see below). According to the render, this is a rather interesting laptop by Lenovo because it actually features a secondary display placed next to the laptop’s keyboard along with a stylus. Presumably this is a touch-based display where users can draw on it.

Given the orientation of a laptop’s display, it might be hard to draw at such an angle, so having a secondary display placed flat next to the keyboard might actually work out better. Plus we imagine it might also be useful for photo or graphic editors to zoom in on their work to edit some of the finer details.

It seems rather excessive, to be honest, but at the same time you really have to applaud Lenovo for coming up with such a daring design. We have no idea when this laptop will be launching, but seeing as we’re only a couple of months away from CES 2022, perhaps we’ll learn more about this laptop then.

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