The Google Pixel 6 series was recently released but those who were quick to purchase the device and have since received it have also noticed some display issues. This came in the form of the display flickering when users touched the power button on the phone.

The good news is that Google is aware of it and thankfully, it appears that this is a software issue and can be fixed with a software update that Google plans on releasing later this year.

For those unfamiliar with the issue, according to Google, “Pixel 6 Pro users may notice slight, transient display artifacts when the device is turned off, and when they press on the power button with slight pressure but not enough to turn it on.”

Google makes it clear that this is not a hardware issue, but in the meantime until they release a fix, Google has advised Pixel 6 Pro users, “To avoid seeing this, when the power is off, do not cycle the power button. When you want to use the phone, hold the power button down long enough to turn it on.”

The update is expected to be released in December so be sure to keep an eye out for it if this is something you’re experiencing on your Pixel 6 Pro handset.

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