When Google finally announced the Pixel 6 phones, the company revealed that the phones would be able to charge at speeds of up to 30W. It isn’t the same 65W charging speeds we’re seeing from other companies, but it is definitely a step up from the 18W speeds that Google used to offer.

However, if you were hoping to get the full 30W speeds, you might be disappointed. This is according to a report from Android Authority who took it upon themselves to test out the charging speeds of the phone and discovered that the phones actually charge at a max of 22W, averaging out at 13W over a full charging cycle.

They tested it with a variety of chargers and charging cables, including the official 30W USB-C adapter from Google, and discovered that at no point in time, did the phone actually come close to hitting the 30W mark. They also noted that at the start when battery levels were low, the phone consumed more power, but tapered off to around 15W once the phone’s battery hit 50%.

It is unclear how Google can market the phone as supporting 30W charging speeds when these tests show that it doesn’t even come close. The company has yet to make a statement on the discovery, but in the meantime if you do plan on getting the Pixel 6, they are great phones, just don’t expect too much from its charging speeds.

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