On platforms like Twitch, typically more popular streamers have a team of moderators that helps them weed out comments that might be toxic or harassing in nature. However, on Instagram, creators who use the platform’s livestreaming feature have to manage these comments on their own, which can be tricky.

However, according to Alessandro Paluzzi, it seems that Instagram could be working on allowing users to add moderators to livestreams in the future. This means that users who use Instagram’s live feature frequently and have a lot of followers and participants in these livestreams will be able to use moderators to help them moderate the comments.


Based on what Paluzzi discovered, it seems that right now Instagram will only allow users to add one moderator at a time. It also seems that both users will have to be on the latest version of Instagram in order to make full use of this new moderator feature.

It seems that based on this, Instagram is looking to take its livestreaming feature more seriously. The company has been looking into ways for creators to monetize their content, such as through subscriptions, so offering creators the ability to use moderators for their livestreams could go a long way into helping Instagram compete against other platforms such as Twitch.

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