If you use Instagram, there’s a good chance you might be following a variety of accounts. This could range from accounts belonging to your friends and family members, to brands, celebrities, and more. This means that your timeline could be quite varied, which isn’t a bad thing, but for some it might be distracting.

According to a tweet by Alessandro Paluzzi, it seems that Instagram is testing out a way for users to change how they view their timeline. Based on the screenshots shared, it seems that Instagram is working on filters that will let users choose what to see in their timeline. Right now the options are “Home”, “Following”, and “Favorites”.


Presumably “Home” will be the regular algorithm-based timeline that we all already know and are used to, and “Favorites” will be where you’ll only see posts from specific accounts, but we’re not too sure what “Following” is. Maybe it could be where you’ll see posts of people who you follow and who are following you back.

While Instagram’s algorithm-based timeline is more intuitive and is smarter about showing you what it thinks you might be interesting, recently US lawmakers have proposed a bill that would allow users to disable these algorithms. Over in China, the government has also set out to create a set of rules regarding these algorithms as well to make them more socially responsible.

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