Back in August, Apple announced that they would be introducing additional child safety features to iOS. One of these features is expected to make its debut in iOS 15.2, and that is the ability for iOS to detect when sexually explicit photos are being sent or received through the Messages app on the iPhone or iPad.

For example, when a child receives such a photo, the photo will be blurred out and when they try to open it, they will be asked if they are sure. It will also provide users with additional information, in case the child might be too young to fully understand what kind of image they are trying to open.

If the child decides to proceed and open the image anyway, their parents will be alerted. The same will happen if the child tries to send an explicit photo where they will receive a warning to let them know what they’re about to do, and parents will be alerted to it. This feature will be turned off by default and it is opt-in.

This means that it has to be activated by a parent or guardian who is part of the Family Sharing plan if they want to make full use of this new safety feature.

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