Sony’s PS5 is in demand right now. The PlayStation branding and reputation, plus the rave reviews of the PS5 have resulted in it being high in demand, and couple that with the global chip shortage, we’re looking at a situation where demand has greatly exceeded supply.

This is why scalpers have been buying up as many PS5 units as they possibly can and then reselling them for a much higher amount. It is also why anyone with a PS5 will have no trouble finding someone willing to buy it either, which is the case with a 19-year old teen who tried to sell his PS5 console but ended up with him getting shot.

According to the reports, the 19-year old had put up his PS5 for sale online where a buyer contacted him and agreed to meet up in person to complete the transaction. That’s where the buyer pulled out a gun and attempted to rob the 19-year old of his console. The teen was shot and the robber got away.

However, there is some good news because according to the reports, the teen was rushed to the hospital with a gunshot wound to his side but was in stable condition, and also the robber did not manage to get away with the console either.

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