Tariffs Could Result In Next-Gen Consoles Being 25% More Expensive

Due to the ongoing trade war with China, the Office of the United States Trade Representative has published a list of goods categories that could be considered for new tariffs, which could be in amounts as high as 25%. These tariffs are expected to be applied to goods imported from China, which will cover “video game consoles and machines”.

The Last Of Us 2, Death Stranding Expected To Launch For The PS4

With Sony confirming that the PS5 is in development, many are no doubt wondering what this means for games that have yet to be launched. For example, titles such as The Last of Us 2 and Death Stranding are some of the more highly-anticipated titles to launch on the PlayStation, but due to the fact that they haven’t been released, some have speculated that Sony could be “saving” them for […]

Sony’s PS5 Won’t Launch In The Next 12 Months

Just last week, Sony effectively confirmed that they are working on their next-gen PlayStation console in the PS5. If you thought that this meant that the console was close to launch, think again because according to Wall Street Journal reporter, Takashi Mochizuki, that will not happen anytime soon.

Sony PlayStation 5 Price Will Be ‘Appealing To Gamers’

It was clear that one of the reasons why the Sony PS4 managed to have such a huge lead on Microsoft’s Xbox One at the start was due to pricing. Microsoft had priced their console a good $100 more and justified it by including the Kinect accessory, which while appreciated, felt unnecessary.


Analyst Claims PS5 Won’t Launch Until 2021 Or 2022

It’s no secret that Sony is working on their next-gen console in the form of the PS5, but when exactly it will launch remains to be seen. Some analysts had previously predicted a late 2019 or 2020 launch, but analyst Yasuo Imanaka, an industry analyst for Rakuten Securities seems to think it could be launching later than that.

Sony Reportedly Shifting Focus To First-Party PS5 Titles

According to the rumors, Sony’s PlayStation 5 console could already be in development. Some believe that it could be announced possibly next year (there are some who claim this year but it seems doubtful). If the rumors are true, then we can’t say we’re surprised to learn that Sony might be shifting focus towards development of first-party titles for the console already.

Sony’s PS5 Could Support 4K And 240 FPS

Sony’s next-gen PlayStation console is probably a couple of years away from happening. So the question is, what will it bring to the table that the PS4 Pro did not already offer? According to analyst Michael Pachter who spoke to Gaming Bolt, he predicts that the console will support 4K and 240 FPS and the Sony PlayStation VR.

Square Enix Reportedly Already Working On A Game For The PS5

Now we know that there will be a PlayStation 5. Sony had previously confirmed as much, although there is the question of when the console will be released (some believe it could be launched in 2019). Regardless of a release date, it appears that Square Enix could already be working on something for the console.

Sony Effectively Confirms That There Will Be A PS5

For many years now, it has become more or less expected that every few years, console makers like Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo will release new hardware. There are some who believe that maybe game streaming could be the future and would be less reliant on hardware, and while that might be true, it seems that Sony could be putting out new hardware anyway.

Analyst Believes Sony’s PS5 Could Launch Late 2019

While the PS4 Pro does a pretty decent job at bringing 4K gaming onto home televisions, we’re sure many are already wondering what kind of hardware and gaming the next-gen PlayStation could bring to the table, which is why in recent times there has been a bit of talk about the Sony PS5.

Analyst Thinks Death Stranding Could Be Released On The PS4 & PS5

Hideo Kojima has been teasing his upcoming game Death Stranding for the past few years. Multiple trailers and teasers for the game have been released to date, but in terms of a release date for the game itself, that remains pretty much unclear, although many seem to be particularly hopeful that a 2019 release is in the cards.

Sony Says That The Next PlayStation Is At Least 3 Years Away

Wondering if now might be a good time to get a PS4 or PS4 Pro, especially with rumors suggesting that the PS5 might only be a couple of years away from launching? Turns out that you might have more time than expected, at least according to Sony who seems to have hinted that the next-gen PlayStation could be at least 3 years away.

GTA 5’s Publisher Believes PS5 Will Be Arriving In 2020

Sony’s PS4 Pro hasn’t been out for too long but it seems that speculation about the PS5 has already begun. In fact it seems that Take-Two, the publisher behind titles such as GTA 5, has decided to weigh in on when the console will be launched. In a report from DualShockers, Take-Two’s CEO Strauss Zelnick offered up his predictions on when the console will launch.

PlayStation 5 Parts Production Reportedly Ramping Up

If the reports are to be believed, Sony’s PlayStation 5 is only expected to arrive in 2020 at the earliest. This means that if you’re hoping to see it this year or even next year, prepare to be disappointed. However it seems that production on some of the components for the PS5 could already have begun and might be ramping up.