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Next God Of War Title Has Been Delayed To 2022
If you’re looking forward to playing Sony’s next God of War title, you’ll be disappointed to learn that the game will only be released in 2022. The sequel to 2018’s God of War was teased back in 2020 where it was suggested that it would be launching in 2021, but now a blog post from Sony has confirmed its delay.

The Sony PS5 DualSense Controller Can Buzz Along To Music
As is pretty much the case with all gaming controllers, the Sony PS5 DualSense controller comes with vibration built into it. This is designed to help provide more haptic feedback when gaming and helps make the gaming experience a bit more immersive. It can also be used to give players notifications like when they’re being hit, they’re low on health, and so on.

Woman Buys PS5, Gets Sent Two Bottles Of Water Instead
Sony’s PS5 is hard to come by, which is why scalpers are having such a fantastic time reselling it at marked up prices. This is also why it’s not surprising that people are turning to the classifieds to buy the PS5 instead of from a store, but unfortunately there are downsides to these types of transactions.

Grand Theft Auto V Will Arrive On PS5, Xbox Series X In November
If there is one game that keeps on giving, it would be Rockstar’s GTA 5. The game was originally launched in 2013 on the PS3 and Xbox 360, and it eventually found its way onto the PS4 and the Xbox One, and now it looks like Rockstar’s cash cow doesn’t look like it will be drying up anytime soon.


Watch Dogs: Legion For PS5, Xbox Series X Will Get A Performance Mode
Watch Dogs: Legion was released last year and if you haven’t played it but were planning on doing so with a next-gen console, then this might be good news for you. This is because Ubisoft has announced that they will be introducing a new mode to the game in the form of a performance boost.

Among Us Announced For The PS4 And PS5
Back in 2020 during the peak of the pandemic, a lot of people started playing an indie game called Among Us. It’s basically like a game of Mafia where “killers” are hiding in plain sight on board a spaceship and players have to go about completing tasks while trying to figure out who the killers are.

Sony Has Sold 7.8 Million PS5 Consoles To Date
Back in November 2020, Sony officially released the PS5 console. This is the latest console in the PlayStation lineup and unsurprisingly it has proven to be quite a hit. In fact, according to Sony’s latest financials, the company has revealed that to date, they have managed to sell a grand total of 7.8 million PS5 units.

Sony PS5 Update Adds Support For 120Hz Displays
If you own a display that supports a refresh rate higher than your standard 60Hz, you might be interested and happy to learn that Sony has recently pushed out an update to its PS5 console where it will support 120Hz refresh rates on 1080p displays, such as computer monitors for those who are using it with their PS5 consoles.

The Last of Us Remake Will Be Coming To The PS5
When Sony and Naughty Dog first launched The Last of Us, it was back in 2013. The game was initially designed for the Sony PS3 console, although they later followed up with a remaster for the PS4. Now according to a report from Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier, it seems that Sony is looking to remake the game for the PS5.

Sony PS5 Update This Summer Will Allow Users To Expand On Internal Storage
Right now, the Sony PS5 has a storage issue where due to the size of the games, gamers pretty much can only store a few games at a time before they run out of space. To make matters worse, there is currently no M.2 NVMe drives that Sony has whitelisted that supports the PS5, which leaves players in a bit of a bind.

YouTuber Spent $70,000 Creating The World’s Largest (And Functional) PS5
If you thought that the Sony PS5 was kind of huge, then you might need a little perspective because YouTuber ZHC has revealed what can only be described as the world’s largest PS5 to date. This unit is said to be 100 times larger than the actual console itself, but here’s the kicker, it actually works.

dbrand Unveils Sony PS5 Custom Skins, Looks Pretty Awesome
Last year it was revealed in leaked photos that it seems that the Sony PS5 could offer up more customizability in terms of design due to the plates being removable. This led to some companies offering to create custom PS5 plates, but this was quickly shut down as Sony sent them legal letters asking them to desist.

PS5 DualSense Controllers Are Already Experiencing Drifting Problems
The analog sticks on gaming controllers are essentially mechanical parts. This means that over time and with frequent usage, they can get damaged. However, the question is how long can we realistically expect them to last before they start displaying problematic behavior? In the case of Sony’s PS5 DualSense controllers, not very long.

God Of War For PS5 Will Be Patched To Be Playable In 4K At 60 FPS
Our consoles have come a long way in terms of performance. Back with the PS4, gamers who wanted higher resolution and better frame rates had to purchase the PS4 Pro, but that changed with the PS5 which can obviously handle games at higher performances. But what about games that were designed for previous-gen consoles?

UK Scalper Group Boasts They Secured Another 2,000 PS5 Units
As Sony is trying to ramp up production of its PS5 console, it seems that scalpers are continuing to take advantage of the shortage in consoles, which we suppose was something that they had a hand in, at least in part. According to a recent tweet by Carnage, a scalper group based in the UK, they have boasted that they have secured an additional 2,000 units of the PS5.

IKEA Creates PS5, Xbox Series X Mockups To Help Shoppers Choose Furniture
When buying furniture, it helps if you know what you plan to put in it. For example, if you want to buy a TV console unit, you might want to take into account the size of other gadgets that you’ll be fitting in it, like the size of your soundbar, maybe an amplifier, your set-top box, and so on. Of course, you will need to know the sizes beforehand, but […]

Nintendo Switch Expected To Outsell PS5, Xbox Series X In 2021
Nintendo certainly turned things around for themselves following the debacle that was the Wii U. The Switch has managed to captivate gamers around the world, thanks to its fun family games, strong first-party titles, and also its hybrid nature that allows gamers to play it on the game or on a TV at home.

PS5, Xbox Series X Scalpers Have Made Close To $50 Million So Far
Due to the popularity of the PlayStation and Xbox brand, it’s not surprising that when the PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles were released there was a rush to buy them. As it would be understandably impossible for Sony and Microsoft to meet this onslaught of demand, naturally this would result in temporary shortages.

Sony Is Reportedly Refunding Cyberpunk 2077 For Some PS4, PS5 Gamers
While CD Projekt Red’s Cyberpunk 2077 is one of the more highly anticipated games of 2020, it seems that for some gamers, especially those on the PS4 and the PS5, the launch was less than ideal. So much so that gamers are now reporting that Sony is apparently issuing refunds for gamers who request for it.

Retailer Fights Against PS5 Scalpers By Mercilessly Canceling Orders
Right now, people or groups who are buying up PS5 consoles and reselling them at a marked up price are a huge problem. From what we’ve noticed, a lot of these scalpers are trying to sell the consoles at almost double the retail price that online retailers are selling the console at, and are netting a pretty decent profit out of it.