When a company develops a gadget, obviously the important thing is that it has to work and do what it’s supposed to do. However, sometimes in a bid to save time and costs, some companies don’t really think about how the internals of a gadget are designed, as long as it works, that’s good enough for them.

However, in turn this can be a nightmare when it comes to repairing or recycling components, but that’s something that Dell wants to tackle with the Concept Luna. This is a collaboration with Intel in which Dell has designed a concept laptop that they believe is not only easier to repair, but will be easy when it comes to recycling as well.

This includes how Dell has reimagined the motherboard of the laptop which is 75% smaller and uses 20% less components.It also sits closer to the top cover to give it access to better cooling, and keeps it away from the batteries to allow for better passive cooling, which in turn means that it could potentially do away with the need for fans.

They also imagined how the laptop’s chassis will be built using aluminum that has been processed using hydro power and uses a stamped construction, and also reduce the number of screws to make it easier to access its internals. The company also suggests that the PCB could be made using bio-based materials, and also use water-soluble polymer glue to make it easier to remove components without damaging them.

That being said, as this is essentially a concept, there’s no telling if Dell plans to make it a reality, but it’s an interesting idea that maybe we could see more manufacturers adopt (at least in part) in the future.

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