Right now, Instagram’s feed is based on an algorithm where the platform tries to gauge what it thinks you want to see based on posts you’ve interacted with the most. This means that if you like or comment on posts by a particular account more often compared to others, then there is a good chance that new posts by that account will be shown at the top, and so on.

This is versus back in the day where Instagram’s feed was based on chronology, with newer posts being at the top. For those who miss the chronological feed, or who want at least an option to switch between those feeds, you’re in luck because during Instagram’s testimonial in front of Congress today, Instagram head Adam Mosseri confirmed that a chronological feed is expected to launch in 2022.

Mosseri claims that the company had been working on bringing back the feed for months, and that they are hoping for a launch in the first quarter of next year. Instagram had stated a few years ago that they would not be bringing the chronological feed back, but in recent months, it seems like the company has changed their minds.

Like we said, it doesn’t have to be an either-or kind of situation. Users should at least be given the option to choose, but perhaps Instagram might be concerned that maybe a chronological feed might not be as engaging compared to an algorithmic one, which means that users end up spending less time on its platform than they would like.

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