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The problem with PC gaming is that unlike consoles that could last for 10 years, it is very likely that your 10 year old PC will be able to run newer games at similar levels compared to newer builds. This is because developers for console games have fixed hardware to work with, meaning that it’s easier for them to work around it.

This is versus PC developers who have a variety of configurations that they might have to cater to. However, if you’d like a better idea of how well a PC game might run on your computer, Microsoft is testing out a new feature in the Xbox app for Windows that will come with labels for games that tell you how well a game might perform on your PC.

This means that by using these labels, you can search for games and potentially filter them to look for games that you know will run smoothly on your computer, versus titles that your PC might barely meet the minimal requirements for. However, the only problem is that this only applies to games within the Xbox app.

This means that if a game isn’t available through the Xbox app, you’ll have to look up the system requirements yourself. Also, keep in mind that this feature is currently in testing so it isn’t available to everyone yet, also not all games currently have these performance labels.

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