The tires on our vehicles have improved over the years. Some of them even have the ability to inflate themselves should they ever go flat, giving drivers a chance to drive themselves to somewhere safe or to a mechanic to get the tire fixed or get a new tire without damaging their car’s rims.

However, wouldn’t it be much better if tires did not even rely on air at all? That’s something that Goodyear has developed which they are now testing out on a fleet of delivery robots. These tires are being used by Starship Technologies’ delivery robots, where the company had requested that they wanted to be able to extend the tire life of its robots and reducing its maintenance.

This makes a lot of sense, especially since these delivery robots are designed to be autonomous, so having tires that won’t get a flat like regular air-based tires could go a long way in ensuring they can operate more efficiently and reduce their chances of breaking down midway through a delivery.

Goodyear isn’t the only tire company to have developed airless tires. Several years ago, Michelin had also developed their own airless tires together with General Motors, which last we heard was being planned for 2024.

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