The problem with building a PC is that while it’s relatively easy for users to build it from scratch or upgrade certain parts where necessary, for the less tech savvy, it can feel daunting with all the wires and not being sure which goes into which and so on.

Razer has long championed the idea of modular PC design, dating back to 2014 with Project Christine. Now at CES 2022, 8 years later, Razer is back with yet another modular PC concept called Project Sophia. However, unlike Christine, Sophia combines both a desk and a modular PC setup together.

According to Razer’s vision, the table will feature cutouts for slots of different PC components that can be attached and detached magnetically. There will be different modules and parts that users will be able to choose from, thus allowing them to not just build their PC of their dreams, but also the setup of their dreams.

The desk itself will also feature a massive 65-inch or 77-inch OLED display, meaning that there is no need for additional external peripherals. That being said, before you get too excited, keep in mind that similar to Project Christine or even Project Valerie (a triple screen laptop), this is just a concept which means we have no idea if Razer plans to make it a reality.

Plus, as one of the issues highlighted by Razer for Project Christine, making this a reality would require that PC part makers agree to make components that work the way Razer intends, which is admittedly a bit of a tall order. However, it still makes for a pretty cool idea nonetheless.

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