Did you know that there are different versions of Wi-Fi? For those unfamiliar, yes, there are different versions of WiFi, so just because a device has Wi-Fi support does not mean it is the same Wi-Fi you might find on another device. Newer versions, such as Wi-Fi 6, tend to offer faster speeds compared to older versions.

That being said, it seems that the next-generation of Wi-Fi could be something to look forward to, also known as Wi-Fi 7. This is according to a recent demonstration conducted by MediaTek in which they showed off the potential of the newer version which according to the Wi-Fi Alliance, could have the potential to reach speeds of up to 40Gbps!

For a bit of context, the current Wi-Fi 6 is able to go up to 9.6Gbps, which is admittedly plenty fast, but if the potential to hit 40Gbps is truly there, it could open up a lot more doors. This is because 40Gbps is pretty much on par with wired connections such as Thunderbolt 3, so if Wi-Fi 7 could reach those speeds, we could be looking at a lot more wireless peripherals that could function just as well as their wired counterparts without any perceivable lag.

According to MediaTek, they say that they expect Wi-Fi 7 productions to arrive in 2023, although how widely adopted it will be remains to be seen. Keep in mind that connectivity speeds can be affected by other things, so if your internet plan is capped at a 1Gbps connection, it won’t magically jump to 40Gbps.

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