Based on multiple benchmarks and reviews, Intel is lagging behind Apple in terms of performance where the Apple Silicon appears to be not only outperforming Intel’s CPUs, but have also shown to be more energy efficient. If anything, this justifies Apple’s decision to ditch Intel and go with their own hardware.

We imagine that Intel would be eager to get Apple back as a customer, or at the very least produce CPUs that can outperform Apple to show that they are still the best at what they do. Based on a leaked roadmap published by AdoredTV on Twitter, Intel plans to do that by late 2023.

The roadmap suggests that the company believes that by late 2023 and with the launch of their Arrow Lake processors, they will be able to create a CPU that will be able to outperform that of Apple’s M1 Max chipset, which at the moment is the most powerful chipset Apple has made to date.

However, we have to question Intel’s alleged plans. Sure, it is possible that in 2023 they will have a processor that could outperform the M1 Max, but by then, we imagine Apple will have created the M2 Max which obviously would be more powerful than the M1 Max, so if anything this only feels like Intel is playing catchup.

It remains to be seen what kind of changes the M2 Max will offer, but the company is expected to launch the M2 this year so perhaps we’ll know a bit more by then.

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