In the past, whenever you liked an Instagram Story, it would basically send a DM to the person indicating that you liked their post. However, according to a tweet by Instagram head Adam Mosseri, that will soon change as they are now giving users the ability to like a Story anonymously.

Basically once this feature has been rolled out, a new button will be introduced to Stories in the form of a heart button. This is the same button that you can find on Instagram posts to like a post, so tapping on that will let you like a post without actually sending a DM to the person.

This works out for both the poster and user, where the poster will no longer be flooded with DMs indicating likes which we imagine can be annoying, and can also be useful for people to like posts of people without letting them know about it. However, unlike regular Instagram posts, Story likes will not show a count.

Instead, you know if you have liked a post if you see the heart button filled up in an Instagram Story. This doesn’t really change the way Stories are posted, but a slight change in how users interact with Stories in the future.

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