The problem with a lot of modern day electronics is that a lot of them aren’t necessarily built to be repaired easily. Presumably the idea is that companies would rather you just buy a new device rather than repair it, but over the years this has led to an outcry by customers who are outraged by the prices some companies are charging to fix their devices.

Valve has taken a cue from all of this and has recently announced that they will actually be teaming up with iFixit where the company will be an authorized seller of components for the Steam Deck. What this means is that should you need to get your Steam Deck repaired and maybe you want to do it yourself, you will actually be able to purchase official components from iFixit.

This is a huge deal because a few years ago, companies like Apple were making their devices incredibly difficult to repair via third-party repair shops. They included software features that would render certain hardware components useless if it detected a non-genuine part.

However, this was a problem of Apple’s own making since they would not supply third-party shops with genuine components. The company has since turned things around with an official self-repair program, but it remains to be seen how that plays out, so Valve’s decision ahead of the Steam Deck’s launch is actually pretty clever.

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