Wordle is a pretty popular game these days and it’s a great way to have fun and challenge your vocabulary and also your friends in the process. But it turns out that Wordle is also pretty good at saving yourself from a kidnapping (kind of).

According to a report from CBS Chicago, it seems that Wordle played a role in an 80-year old woman going by the name of Denyse Holt being saved from a kidnapping. The report says that Holt was asleep on the 5th of February when a naked man covered in blood slipped into her bed.

He then forced Holt to take a bath with him, he then dragged her into the basement bathroom and locked her inside. So how did she manage to get rescued? Turns out that Holt and her family are quite avid fans of Wordle and they play the game everyday, so when Holt’s daughter, Meredith Holt-Caldwell, discovered that her mom had not posted the daily puzzle, she found it a bit odd.

Her daughter then tried to reach Holt but was unable to and decided to call the police the next day to do a wellness check. That’s when they discovered the man, who was still in her house, who was eventually arrested after a long stand-off with police and local SWAT. Holt was eventually rescued where she was physically unharmed where she noted that she was very lucky.

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