LED Hat Clip On LampWhen you’re out camping and you haven’t settled down to rest in the middle of the night while still in the woods, you might need a little light to guide your way in the even the sky isn’t bright enough. And while you can hold a torch to guide the way, what do you do when your hands are full? Introducing the 5 LED Hat Clip On Lamp. Powered by 2 Lithium coin cells, this 5 LED clip on light ensures you can see wherever you’re going as long as you turn it on and attach it to the brim of your cap. The light comes with 2 clips that allow you to clip them on to pretty much any hat or cap with a brim, and it only weighs 30g with the batteries included. The 5 LED Hat Clip On Lamp is available now at $2.16, but you’ll have to buy it in a bulk, so make sure you get your camping buddies to chip in as well.

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