So remember yesterday we had reported that NAU had come up with a Ecco Camper concept, which essentially was a redesign and concept of the RV, which allowed campers to take to the road in a eco-friendly manner. Well it looks like designer Jay Nelson felt the same way about eco-friendly camping when he designed the Golden Gate electric camper pod. Made out of a fibreglass casing, the pod resembles a small helicopter and comes with built in stove, cabinets, foldable table, convertible bed, water tank and a toilet.

It’s pretty much no-frills and comes equipped with all your basic needs. Jay Nelson also said that the Golden Gate can be customized further, depending on what the user wants out of it, and since it will be powered by electricity, it won’t pollute the environment while being used. So not only is it green, it looks incredibly cosy, thanks to the earth tones that was used in the design of the Golden Gate, so what more can you ask for?

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