Articles about camping

SnugPak Chrysalis has LED light
When you are face to face with an angry grizzly bear in the great outdoors, what do you do? I don’t know about you, but prevention is always better than cure, and in this case, with the campfire snuffed out and all food being packed away properly and hung on a tree, you might want to quickly snuggle into the SnugPak Chrysalis. This is a special kind of sleeping bag […]

The Leav is a fancy solar powered camping concept
When you think camping, images of pitching a tent, building a fire and cooking a simple meal over it come to mind, but who’s to say we can’t go high-tech and green at the same time? Pictured above is the Leav, a concept camping solution by inventor Benjamin Charles whose goal was to create a camping solution for those who want to experience the joys of camping but would rather […]

Golden Gate Electric Camper Pod
So remember yesterday we had reported that NAU had come up with a Ecco Camper concept, which essentially was a redesign and concept of the RV, which allowed campers to take to the road in a eco-friendly manner. Well it looks like designer Jay Nelson felt the same way about eco-friendly camping when he designed the Golden Gate electric camper pod. Made out of a fibreglass casing, the pod resembles […]

NAU's Futuristic Ecco Camper Concept
Are you a fan of camping, or driving about in an RV? Well if you are, or even if you’re not a fan, this concept mobile camper designed by NAU should still be able to catch your eye, and perk your interests at the very least. The Ecco Camper, as it’s called, is environmentally friendly, as implied by its name. The roof of the Ecco Camper is integrated with solar […]


LED Hat Clip On Lamp lets you see in the dark
When you’re out camping and you haven’t settled down to rest in the middle of the night while still in the woods, you might need a little light to guide your way in the even the sky isn’t bright enough. And while you can hold a torch to guide the way, what do you do when your hands are full? Introducing the 5 LED Hat Clip On Lamp. Powered by […]

Airspresso bike-pump espresso machine
If you’re a fan of espressos and camping, the Airspresso might be the espresso maker just for you. Imagine this – you’re in the middle of the jungle with no Starbucks or power outlet within walking distance, and you’re desperate for that triple shot espresso, what do you do? Unless you have a battery pack and an espresso machine you’re probably out of luck. But if you had the Airspresso, […]

Hot Liner solar cookers: so you don’t have to start fires anymore
Don’t you just hate it when you’re out camping and you can’t seem to get a fire going to boil some water or cook your food? Wish there was an easier way that didn’t require you bring a portable stove around? Two Korean designers have come up with a solution to the problem – solar powered cooking stoves. Granted, they aren’t exactly a new invention, but they’ve managed to pull […]

LED Kerosene Lantern
Want to keep that authentic feel of camping with a kerosene lantern, but don’t want to come back smelling like something the cat dragged in? You could always go for the LED Kerosene Lantern that uses modern LED lights and is powered by AA batteries. A set of two AA batteries will offer you 60 hours of light, which should be enough to help you fend off the creatures of […]

LightCap 300 Solar Powered Lantern And Water Bottle
Think your current water bottle is way too boring? Well, in that case, check out the LightCap Solar Powered Lantern & Water Bottle. It sports 4 extremely bright white LEDs, and harness solar power to turn your water bottle into a nice little lantern. It’s touted to have an unbreakable cap, though we‘re fairly sure if you applied enough pressure on it, it would break. If you’re ever going camping […]