According to a recent news report, it looks like the emergence of ChatGPT and several other AI chatbots disrupted traditional search engines and is ushering in a new chapter of the internet; while many users are just starting to understand the potential of these AI tools, some students are already taking advantage of their capabilities. According to a recent report by BBC News, some students have confessed to using ChatGPT while writing their essays — in fact, the investigation uncovered that one student received his best-ever grade with the help of the popular chatbot.

The student (who wishes to remain anonymous), used ChatGPT to help him write two 2,500-word essays in January; one essay was written with the help of the chatbot and the other without. The essay that was written with the AI tool received a first-class mark (the highest mark a student can achieve at Cardiff University). The student said he didn’t use ChatGPT to create a word-for-word essay but rather used it to prompt questions that gave him access to information much quicker than usual.

ChatGPT is already a cause of concern in schools

Although the use of AI chatbots by students may present a challenge for educators, it is unclear how colleges and universities will address this innovation. One possibility is that schools may require more real-time essays instead of essays written at home but this would come at the expense of teaching students how to write multi-week papers at home.

The use of ChatGPT and other AI tools in education is already a cause of concern, and it remains to be seen how schools will address and deal with this new challenge.

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