Exciting news for those that are constantly on the go, as Elon Musk recently announced that Starlink — SpaceX’s incredible space-based internet service — can now be used almost anywhere on our beautiful planet.

With the launch of Starlink Mobility, customers can stay connected while in motion, thanks to a receiver with an expanded field of view and enhanced GPS that connects to SpaceX’s vast constellation of over 4,000 satellites in low-Earth orbit.

Musk tweeted that Starlink Mobility works “almost everywhere on Earth,” including remote areas like deserts and even the middle of oceans. The first users to test this groundbreaking service are a fleet of school buses in Arizona, enabling students to stay connected and complete their homework during their daily commutes.


SpaceX emphasizes that Starlink Mobility is perfect for mobile businesses and public sector applications such as trucking, buses, shuttles, and emergency response; for a monthly fee of $250 and a one-time hardware fee of $2,500, subscribers gain network priority during peak hours, ensuring that critical services like emergency responders won’t lose their internet connection.

The Starlink satellite dish, an advanced version of the standard hardware, can be permanently installed on vehicles, providing lightning-fast download speeds of up to 220 Mbps.

Starlink Mobility works “almost everywhere on Earth,” including remote areas like deserts and even the middle of oceans. (Image: Starlink Mobility)

SpaceX achieved global coverage of its Starlink network last year, a remarkable feat after four years of satellite launches, still, certain countries, like China and Iran, have restricted Starlink’s operations within their borders. Nonetheless, SpaceX has ambitious plans to offer satellite-to-cellphone connectivity in the future, potentially eliminating the need for additional hardware.

If you’re curious about Starlink Mobility, visit starlink.com/mobility for more details. Remember, it offers 100% coverage in your country and every country where Starlink service is available, including most of the Earth’s oceans and seas. It looks like the future of mobile internet is here — and SpaceX is leading the way.

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