Stick drift (that annoying problem where the controller’s analog sticks register movements even when you’re not touching them) can be a major hindrance to any gaming experience. Many first-party controllers are plagued with this problem, leading gamers to constantly replace their controllers to avoid any in-game disadvantage.

The good news is that GameSir, the renowned gaming accessories brand, aims to put an end to this issue once and for all with its revolutionary GameSir G7 SE Controller:

The product was designed for Xbox gaming consoles and PC platforms and comes equipped with specially designed magnetic anti-stick drift Hall Effect triggers and thumbsticks, taking stick precision and reliability to a whole new level.

While some other brands like 8BitDo and GuliKit have controllers with Hall effect sensors, the G7 SE Controller elevates the gaming experience even further.

Hall Effect Technology

The GameSir G7 SE Controller is meticulously tested for 5 million cycles before showing any sign of stick drift. This impressive feat is made possible by the implementation of Hall Effect joysticks, named after Edwin Hall, the physicist who discovered this phenomenon.

These Hall Effect joysticks utilize permanent magnets to measure the stick’s position, effectively neutralizing any potential stick drift that could occur with extended usage. With this innovative technology, you can enjoy gaming without worrying about joystick issues, even after prolonged gaming sessions.

A Wired-Only Wonder

The G7 SE Controller is a wired-only version based on its G7 predecessor, ensuring a stable and lag-free connection during gameplay. Although some gamers might prefer wireless convenience, the wired connection of the G7 SE guarantees an uninterrupted gaming experience without any input delay.

This controller is the first-ever officially licensed Xbox controller featuring Hall Effect technology, making it a standout option for Xbox enthusiasts.

Personalization and Durability Combined

One of the unique perks of the GameSir G7 SE Controller is its magnetically removable faceplate, which can be easily painted to reflect your personality and gaming style. You can customize the appearance of your controller precisely the way you like it. Additionally, the faceplate’s paint-friendly design ensures that your artistic expressions stay intact, even after prolonged use.

Lockout Switches and Enhanced Vibration

To prevent any accidental activation, the G7 SE Controller comes equipped with lockout switches for the rear buttons. This feature ensures that your gaming commands remain intentional and precise. Moreover, the controller boasts a pulse-type vibration trigger motor and an asymmetric vibration grip motor, enhancing your overall gaming experience and immersion.

Price and Availability

With a price tag of $50 (which is just $5 more than its predecessor), the GameSir G7 SE Controller is available at GameSir’s official website, with free shipping all over the world.

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