xiaomi-bt-controllerNormally, we would associate the name Xiaomi with that of smartphones – affordable smartphones that will also come with a slew of hardware specifications that are a notch above its regular price, of course. Apart from that, the China-based company also does the likes of tablets and TVs, and this time around, it would be a Bluetooth game controller that will capture our attention. In fact, in order to promote the Xiaomi Bluetooth game controller all the more, the first 300 customers to pick it up this September 25th will be able to do so for a mere 1 Chinese Yuan (which is roughly the equivalent of $0.16 after conversion).

While the recommended retail price has not been shared, it will most probably occupy the mid-range segment, especially when one takes the smartphone pedigree and business model into consideration. At first glance, the Xiaomi Bluetooth game controller resembles that of a PlayStation or Xbox controller, where it sports a D-pad, a pair of analog sticks, Y,X,A, and B buttons, and shoulder buttons, in addition to some Android-specific keys.

Do expect this accessory to play nice with other Xiaomi-branded devices such as the smartphone, tablet, and TV box, where it ought to provide a more user friendly experience.

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