Have you ever thought about what could happen if your body was exposed to the space vacuum? Well, now we can actually picture how it would react in the stellar void, thanks to a recent video by DG EYE Science that was posted on YouTube, delving into the unsettling scenario.

As we can see in the YouTube short, contrary to cinematic portrayals, the body doesn’t explode immediately; The initial seconds mark the expansion of bodily gases and the rupture of lung tissue due to the expanding air within. Within a mere 5 seconds, water on the surface of the skin, eyes, and mouth begins to evaporate, while the water within the bloodstream boils.

The body takes on an inflated appearance, its elastic skin resilient enough to withstand the pressure. Loss of consciousness ensues, accompanied by a slowing and eventual cessation of the heart, leading to death from asphyxiation. The body’s color turns grey, painting a stark picture of the harrowing demise.

According to the experts at Popular Science, an astronaut subjected to space’s vacuum undergoes a rapid sequence of events. Blood vaporization and bodily water evaporation transpire within 10 seconds, followed by loss of consciousness and lung collapse in 15 seconds. Complete paralysis or death is likely within 30 seconds, attributed to asphyxiation or decompression.

For those intrigued by such unsettling simulations, this channel posts very unsettling videos — such as a gruesome demonstration (already deleted) of what would happen if a human being fell into a jet airplane engine; A human figure was pulled into the engine, disintegrating into red particles within seconds, reminiscent of a tomato in a blender.

These vivid simulations provide a stark reminder of the swift and harsh realities that would befall the human body in these extraordinary circumstances. Interesting and kind of weird at the same time, right? 

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