Few scientific discoveries are as captivating as the story of Zlatý Kůň, the oldest modern human to be genetically sequenced. Unearthed from a Czechian cave system in 1950, this enigmatic woman lived approximately 45,000 years ago. Recent advancements in genomic sequencing have revealed intriguing details about her past and her genetic connections to Neanderthals.

Zlatý Kůň’s journey began with the discovery of a severed skull deep within a cave in the Czech Republic — Decades later, genome sequencing unveiled the truth: the skull belonged to a single woman who lived millennia ago. Her genome showed that she had approximately 3% Neanderthal ancestry, linking her to a population of early modern humans who interbred with our ancient cousins.

A facial reconstruction of the Zlatý kůň woman provides a glimpse into her possible appearance from 45,000 years ago. (Image credit: Cícero Moraes)

A recent online paper has provided a glimpse into what Zlatý Kůň might have looked like through facial approximation. Researchers used CT scans of her skull, despite some missing chunks, to recreate her face. The result revealed striking features, such as the robustness of her face and her larger endocranial volume, hinting at a closer affinity with Neanderthals than with modern humans.

Researchers didn’t stop at the objective scientific images but created a speculative version with pigmented skin, open eyes, fur, and hair to offer a more relatable portrayal to the general population. This lifelike image showcased a woman with dark, curly hair and mesmerizing brown eyes, leaving us captivated by her ancient charm.

Black and white version of the facial approximation. (Image credit: Cícero Moraes)

Despite these remarkable findings, mysteries about Zlatý Kůň’s exact appearance and characteristics persist. Genetic data can only offer limited insights into her facial features, leaving room for wonder and imagination. Nevertheless, her story stands as a testament to the wonders of human evolution and the profound connections that reach across millennia.

Through genomic sequencing and facial approximation, we honor her memory and gain a deeper appreciation for the journey that has shaped our species into what we are today. Zlatý Kůň’s unique genetic heritage reminds us of the complexities of human evolution and the fascinating tapestry of our shared ancestry with Neanderthals.

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