The Ecocapsule NextGen is an updated and enhanced version of the original self-sustainable microhome, designed to offer a more spacious and eco-friendly living solution. Tiny homes have gained popularity over the past few years due to their space-saving and environmentally conscious design, and the Ecocapsule NextGen is a promising addition to this trend.

The original Ecocapsule gained recognition for its unique egg-shaped, off-grid design, powered by solar and wind energy. The NextGen version maintains the distinctive egg-like form but offers more interior space, with its length increased from 4.67 meters to 5.2 meters. This expansion provides residents with a bit more room while still preserving the compact nature of the microhome.

One notable change in the NextGen model is the replacement of the gull-wing door with a more conventional double glass door. This alteration enhances the connection between the interior and the outdoors, making the living space feel more open and accessible. Additionally, this change simplifies the production process. The Ecocapsule NextGen is designed for easy transportation and can be moved using a truck, trailer, or container.

Inside the NextGen, users can expect increased storage space and an additional window to enhance natural lighting and views. The living area includes a sofa that converts into a double bed, as well as a foldable table. The microhome also features a small kitchen space and a bathroom. To ensure reliable off-grid living, the NextGen incorporates a larger array of solar panels, a wind turbine, and an improved battery system.

According to Tomáš Žáček, co-founder of Ecocapsule, customer feedback has played a crucial role in the development of the NextGen model, allowing the company to make significant improvements. One of the most notable changes is the installation of a large panoramic window, providing residents with an even closer connection to nature.

The Ecocapsule NextGen is a product that, according to the company, embodies the principles of sustainability, compact living, and a closer relationship with the environment, making it an attractive option for those seeking an eco-friendly and space-efficient lifestyle.

Internal Space

Did you like the Ecocapsule NextGen? If you think it’s a great idea, you can always contact the company here to pre-order your own mini-home. Make sure to share your opinions in the comments! 

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