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DryFlush Saves Water, Will It Save The Planet?
With the world’s population closing in on 7 billion rapidly, it goes without saying that life on the planet is starting to get all the more suffocating, unless someone is able to solve the problem of space and resources which will be enough for everyone. The toilet is a basic necessity for everyone, but how do you make it all the more efficient? This is where the DryFlush comes in, […]

PPlanter Public Urinal Goes Green
For those of you who happen to live in a big city, I am quite sure you would have come across alleyways as well as pedestrian crossings which smell like pee. Installing public urinals in such “strategic” locations might help alleviate the situation, but it would cost a whole lot of money, and is no easy job to boot. Hyphae Design Laboratory of Oakland, California, has come up with a […]

‘Edible’ electronics from silk lasers could be the future
We talk about how much paper is wasted each day in offices and homes, where moving to the digital platform is supposed to eliminate the paper problem. The thing is, electronic waste is also a big issue to resolve, and with more and more countries adopting digital platforms, waste from obsolete phones, cameras, computers and other mobile devices have proved to be a potentially huge problem. Not only are circuitry […]

Hypermilling concept car does 1325 mpg on diesel
The world runs on black gold – there is no denying it. Once the price of oil skyrockets, inflation will hit countries hard, no matter how prosperous you are. In fact, steadily rising gas prices have already caused many of us to learn how to make the necessary adjustments in our lives, slowly cutting down on small luxuries even as companies look to find new ways of trimming their expenditure […]


Eco-Friendly Samsung Replenish officially launched by Sprint CEO Dan Hesse
[San Francisco, CA]  We knew that it was coming, but Sprint’s has just officially announced the Samsung Replenish, along with three other “green” devices . The Replenish is an entry-level Android smartphone that comes with modest specifications (QVGA display, 2MP camera…), but it has features that the green crowd might like, such as an optional solar backpanel for charging ($29).To provide an additional incentive for eco-conscious customers, Sprint has cut […]

A polar bear that changes color according to how you use your energy
GE (General Electric)’s ecomagination challenge has some pretty interesting submissions to help save the environment and one of them is this Polar Bear soft toy that changes colors according to the energy usage in the house. All you have to do is leave the bear plugged in, and it detects how much energy your house is using. It turns green when the energy usage levels in the home are good, […]

2011 Zero Motorcycles can be juiced at public recharging stations
Zero Motorcycles will be offering some improvements for its electric-motorcycle 2011 lineup. One of the most important upgrades will be the ability for the bikes to be recharged at public charging stations, since it can now accept DC (direct current) fast charging. Aside from that, the bike can also use a plug accessory to make it compatible with any charger using the SAE J1772 plug, a five-pin charging system and […]

Ashcraft Aria eco-friendly concept headphones
Quality audio equipment is rarely cheap, but did you ever stop to think about the environment? The Ashcraft Aria concept headphones are made from a combination of recycled materials and advanced audio technology designed for audiophiles. The headband is wrapped with wood recycled from acoustic guitars and the ear cups are made from reclaimed aluminum. The quilted leather surrounding the ear cups and lining are made from materials reclaimed from […]

Samsung BE concept system monitors your energy consumption
With everybody trying to go green nowadays, it’s important to know how eco-friendly our households really are. Now a concept system, dubbed the Samsung BE is designed to monitor the energy consumption in your home, not to mention other resources such as water and your carbon footprint. While home monitoring systems already exist, the BE takes it one step further by being portable and is powered by solar, wind, or […]

External Lighting concept generates energy when you mop the floor
With energy costs not getting any cheaper, folks are always looking for ways to shave their electric bill and this concept dubbed the External Lighting might be something that would interest many folks. This light runs on energy that is generated during chores such as cleaning the floor. As you know, you use plenty of energy when you’re mopping the floor and this design aims to harness that energy and […]

Megatex solar-powered LED display
Bulgarian LED manufacturer Megatex has come up with the world’s first LED display that features a built-in solar panel. The LED display is obviously designed for outdoor usage and features a 5KW solar panel that is good enough to power the display. Thanks to the solar technology included, it’s suitable to be installed on stadiums, concert locations or even used as a self-powered billboard. An additional benefit of this solar-powered […]

Biolamps uses CO2 to light up the streets
One of the key problems we currently face in our world is the pollution produced from cars. And one of the solutions used to combat this problem is electric cars, but since they are much too costly for most people to afford at the moment, so a designed has come up with a proposed solution to the problem. Called Biolamps, these lamps contain algae mixed with water, which converts the […]

CMYK Electro-Eraser concept device helps you go green
Going green often means doing your best to reduce the use of paper or at least recycle what you can. Now this concept CMYK Electro-Eraser concept device is designed to help recycle paper by using electromagnetic radiation to break the bonds of color pigments, ensuring that you’ll be able to reuse the paper.

eCoupled wirelessly charges your Tesla Roadster
[CES 2011] Electric vehicles (EVs) are definitely a part of the future, but most folks don’t enjoy having to plug them in to charge. Of course, induction-charging technology is already available and Fulton Innovation is planning to use induction coils to make wireless charging on the Tesla Roadsters possible. The company has built an inductive receiver into a Tesla Roadster, ensuring that the car can be wirelessly juiced up. The […]

ZENA System designs innovative Wind Tower to capture wind from any direction
Solar power isn’t the only type of eco-friendly energy source out there as we also know of wind turbines. Now researchers over at ZENA System have come up with an innovative design for a wind energy generating system that will be able to harness wind from any direction, dubbed the Wind Tower. This design accommodates a power plant, a tourist facility and also a desalination plant in one structure. If […]

Eco Printer concept offers ink that can be erased
Since everybody out there is trying to go green, we can understand that the use of paper is a sensitive subject to many, especially if you’ve got wasteful habits. Perhaps a concept printer such as this Eco Printer might be the solution that many folks are dreaming about. This printer is designed to use special ink that is composed of photographic materials that disappear when exposed to UV radiation. This […]

Plant-mimicking machine generates fuels using solar energy
A team of researchers in the US and Switzerland have come up with a machine that functions like plants, harnessing solar energy to produce fuels that can be used at a later time. The device uses the sun’s rays and a metal oxide called ceria to break down carbon dioxide or water into fuels that can be stored or transported.While that is a step in the green direction, there are […]

Haven concept shelters can be stacked and transported easily
The Haven is a cool concept of emergency shelters that can be easily airlifted to disaster areas or war zones. These units can be flattened for ease of transportation and the panels are made from plastic sheets that enclose a thin core of honeycomb and air for insulation and structural strength. These units can be stacked against each other to improve protection from the elements and also reduce the space […]

Eton Raptor rugged solar charger helps you survive in the wild
If you’re planning to survive in the wild, the rugged Raptor by Eton Corporation might be a faithful companion to you. This device features a built-in 1,800mAh lithium-ion battery that can be juiced via solar power or a DC connection. It offers a built-in AM/FM/WB digital radio tuner with presets and NOAA weather alerts, not to mention a digital clock with an alarm function. The device’s battery can be used […]

Honda trials solar-powered EV charging station in Japan
One of the main problems that electric vehicles (EVs) face is that lack of support infrastructure. You wouldn’t want to drive interstate only to find that there isn’t a charging station for your EV in the area. Honda’s vision for a solar-powered home-based hydrogen production station is an effort to ease the transition from fossil to alternative fuels. The company has since revealed plans to trial a solar-powered public EV […]