The Grid Pro is a sophisticated, customizable editing controller developed by Invaiz to cater to the needs of creative users, especially those involved in video editing. This compact device has 32 keys and multiple dials, all connected to the computer via a USB-C port. The Grid Pro has backlit keys, which enhance usability in different lighting conditions, making it a versatile tool for various work environments.

The central philosophy behind Grid Pro’s design is to enhance productivity and efficiency for its users significantly. In video editing, a creator can spend between 18 to 30 hours on a single project. This intensive process often involves cumbersome keyboard shortcuts and time-consuming navigation through software menus using a mouse (or a pen!).

The Grid Pro addresses these challenges by allowing users to assign shortcuts to the keys, streamlining their workflow. This feature is handy for complex tasks that typically require intricate keyboard combinations. Moreover, the dials on the Grid Pro provide an added level of control, offering precision for functions such as adjusting zoom levels or navigating through a timeline (and more), tasks that are less efficiently executed with a traditional mouse.

Grid Pro is part of a broader category of devices known as “Macropads,” which are recognized for their customizable shortcut keys and sometimes include dials. These devices come in various shapes and forms, but Grid Pro distinguishes itself with its Invaiz Studio software.

This software is a significant advantage for Invaiz over its competitors, especially those offering basic but cheaper devices. Invaiz Studio stands out for its visual appeal and user-friendly interface. It allows users to manage their shortcuts and dials effortlessly, tailoring each function to their needs.

Additionally, the software supports the creation of individual profiles for different target software, which is immensely beneficial for creators who rely on multiple production tools. This feature helps maximize productivity by reducing the time spent switching between different software environments.

Another critical aspect of Grid Pro is its compatibility with Windows and Mac computers, broadening its appeal and usability across different user groups. This versatility is crucial in a market where users may have diverse preferences regarding their operating systems.

The Grid Pro has already garnered positive reviews in Korea, indicating its quality and effectiveness. This encouraging response has given Invaiz the confidence to pursue global expansion plans.

Looking ahead, the latest version of the Grid Pro is set to be showcased at CES 2024 in Las Vegas. This event will provide a significant platform for Invaiz to demonstrate the capabilities and advantages of the Grid Pro to a global audience. The demonstration at CES, a renowned technology expo, will likely contribute to the device’s visibility and appeal, potentially attracting a wider range of users from various creative fields.

In conclusion, the Grid Pro by Invaiz represents an attractive device for video editing and creative work. Its design, focused on improving efficiency and productivity, combined with its customizable features and compatibility with major operating systems, positions it as a valuable tool for creative professionals.

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