Samsung is currently offering a substantial discount on its Galaxy Z Fold 5, reducing the base price to $1,650 for the 256GB model, $1,799 for the 512GB variant, and maintaining the original price of $2,160 for the 1TB version. Notably, Samsung is providing an enhanced trade-in credit of up to $1,000 for certain devices, making the Galaxy Z Fold 5 more accessible.

The boosted trade-in credit applies to various Samsung devices, including the Galaxy Z Fold 4 (review), Fold 3 (review), and S23 series, providing users with a significant return value. Additionally, newer iPhones, such as the iPhone 13 Pro Max, can fetch a $1,000 credit. Samsung’s preferential treatment for its own devices is evident in the higher trade-in values compared to other brands.

The trade-in values during this promotion offer considerable returns, especially for owners of older Galaxy Z Fold 3 or Z Fold 2 (review) devices who may be considering an upgrade — The Galaxy Z Fold 2, in particular, is approaching the end of its Android update cycle, further incentivizing users to explore the latest model.

While Samsung’s general trade-in values outside of promotional events are criticized as being low, the boosted credits during this sale provide favorable valuations for the specified devices. The Galaxy Z Fold 5 can be obtained for as low as $650 with the maximum $1,000 trade-in credit, presenting an enticing deal for those looking to upgrade.

It’s important to note that this special pricing for the Galaxy Z Fold 5 is expected to be valid only for a limited time, with the base price rising to $799 tomorrow, accompanied by a $100 e-certificate and storage upgrade offer. The enhanced trade-in credit values, however, will persist until December 17, extending the opportunity for users to capitalize on higher returns for their eligible devices.

Deals Will be Available Until December 17

Samsung is also extending discounts and trade-in credits to other devices, such as the Galaxy Z Flip 5 and the Galaxy S23 Ultra, both featuring raised credits on trade-ins. These flash deals will be available until December 17, except for the Galaxy Z Fold 5’s lowest price, which is valid only for today.

The $1,000 trade-in boost makes this promotion particularly attractive for those seeking to upgrade to one of the top-performing foldable devices currently available.

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