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Best Buy Is Giving Away An Xbox One S With A 55 Inch LG 4K TV
If you’re in the market for a new TV you might want to check out a new offer that’s just gone live over at Best Buy. The retailer is offering an Xbox One S for free with every purchase of a 55 inch LG 4K TV. This is the updated version of Microsoft’s console that was released only about a month ago so this offer provides great value for money. […]

Motorola shareholders vote in favor of "Googorola" deal
We know that Google has announced their plans to purchase Motorola Mobility, and it seems that Motorola’s shareholders have given the company the green light to proceed with the acquisition deal with a 99% vote in favor of the deal. The shareholders at the meeting reportedly represented about 74% of Motorola’s total shares, thus displaying a strong support for the deal, according to Motorola’s CEO Sanjay Jha.

Best Buy offering free HTC phones with Call of Duty MW3 purchase
Best Buy is currently offering a promotional deal for customers who are interested in purchasing Call of Duty MW3 which will be out tomorrow. It seems that if you were to buy a copy of the game, you would be entitled to receive a free HTC Android handset, on contract of course, although for those shopping for a new phone this could be a pretty good deal.Unfortunately if you were […]

Verizon 4G LTE to offer double the data for the same price
Verizon subscribers will be happy to know that come 8th of November 2011, Verizon will be offering a pretty sweet deal for the LTE subscribers, whereby they will double the amount of data they give you, meaning that if you were to subscribe to the 2GB a month plan, they will instead offer you 4GB at the same price. This is applicable to both new and current customers who are […]


Vimeo Perks Offers Discounts for Paying Users
Vimeo is launching Vimeo Perks, a discount program that offers discount ranging from 5% to 25% on select products from a number of partners like B&H, which is offering a dozen packages of products at discounted prices for the launch.  Vimeo told me that it is not making money from these deals, and that it came up with the Perks to bring more value to its users.

Google Offers gets improvements
For fans of Google Offers, we’ve got some good news for you. Google has announced that it will be making some upgrades to the service, which will help users get more deals that they want as opposed to deals that they have no interest in. Starting today, Google Offers users can customize the service to give them deals that are based on their interests and their locations.

Microsoft giving away Windows Phone devices to people with enough Klout
It seems like Microsoft is doing everything in their power to try and increase the adoption of Windows Phone devices, even if that means giving them away free. In this case, Microsoft has partnered up with Klout, which is a service that uses social media analytics in an attempt to weigh the influence you have on your social network. 

Best Buy drops HTC Flyer further down to $100 (Updated)
A couple of days ago we reported that Best Buy had dropped the price of the HTC Flyer down to $300. It’s unsure as to why Best Buy made that decision, although many are thinking that it’s probably due to how cheap the Amazon Kindle Fire tablet is, and that it seems price is a huge factor on how well a tablet does.

Best Buy now selling HTC Flyer for $300
Last week we reported on rumors that Best Buy may be slashing the price of the HTC Flyer tablet to $300. It was suggested that this would be in response to Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablet, which we now know is priced at a rather affordable $199. Well the good news is that it turns out those rumors are true.

New Amazon Kindle readers: first impressions
Amazon has reinvented the e-reader/tablet and the Web browser with its $199 Kindle Fire, an Android-based e-reader/tablet with a 7-inch touch LCD screen and running its own special version of Android, and re-asserted itself in the e-ink e-reader market with three new QWERTY keyboard-less Kindles, two Touch models ($149 with 3G and $99 for a Wi-Fi only) and a non-touch priced at $79.

Facebook closes daily 'Deals' service
Facebook has decided that they will no longer support the daily ‘Deals’ service that has yet to see action outside of the US, and at least it is rather comforting to know that the closure of this service will not affect check-in Deals that enables Facebook users to obtain access to a bunch of discounts as well as offers in shops or restaurants that they happen to ‘check into’.

Loopt u-Deals gives you what you want
Everybody loves deals, but don’t you just hate it when you’re given discounts to stuff you don’t need? It’s almost as bad as receiving spam. Well, the folks over at Loopt have come up with a solution called u-Deals. Instead of being subjected to receiving discounts for things you don’t want, u-Deals gives you the power to make your own deals instead.How does u-Deals work? Well, firstly you run the […]

Shopobot Website Tracks Gadget Prices, Let's You Know When To Buy At Its Cheapest
If you’re looking for a good bargain for a gadget chances are that there are so many sources available online that you don’t know where to begin, since different sites price the items at various prices, sometimes going over the retail price while sometimes going below it’s hard to get a gauge of what’s a good price and what isn’t. Thanks to a new start-up, the Shopobot, getting the best […]

Facebook Deals is On
Leaked earlier by the NYTimes (the page has been removed, but is back for good), the “Groupon-like” service Facebook Deals is set to launch at midnight. Like its competitors Groupon and LivingSocial, this is a group-buying service that will offer deep discounts to buyers, under the condition that the transaction reaches a critical mass of users. Just like Groupon, Facebook will send deals via email. However, it also plans to […]

Valpak Augmented Reality takes coupon promos to a whole new level
Valpak and junaio have just updated the junaio app – that adds a new Augmented Reality feature to bring discounts to customers. When users launch the app, all they have to do is enter the Valpak deals channel and look through the footage being recorded through the camera on the phone. Based on their geo-location (obtained from the GPS), 3D icons will pop up over locations that have some discounts […]

ViewSonic G Tablet going cheap - just for today only
Woot – purveyor of discounts and cheap devices for the day, is offering the ViewSonic G Tablet for a much cheaper price, albeit for today only. This Android-powered tablet that measures 10″ across will retail for $284.99 inclusive of shipping and handling, and despite lacking the high resolution display (it has just 1024 x 600 resolution) that is found on other newer tablets from Motorola, Samsung and Toshiba among others, […]

Facebook to offer Groupon-style deals to its users
After having some success with location-based deals with their Places feature, it looks like Facebook has plans to expand their discount/promo service to being more than just for check-ins. It has been reported that Facebook plans to test a Groupon-inspired service for their users in San Francisco, San Diego, Dallas, Atlanta and Austin. With 500 million+ Facebook users, the social network definitely has a larger audience than other discount services […]

Microsoft launches Bing deals
Bargain hunters rejoice. Microsoft has just announced the launch of Bing deals, a new feature to their search engine that lets users easily look for discounts and promotions in their area. All users have to do is access Bing deals (from their desktop or mobile phone), and enter what they are looking for i.e. Italian restaurants. A map will come up listing all the Italian restaurants that have deals in […] Travel Deals Search Site
Instead of having to search manually numerous sites to find the best travel deals for your next vacation, use, it automatically crawls the web to find the best deals across hundreds of suppliers. The user interface is well done, so searching for deals is fast, you can either choose from a list of destinations or select a date range and find the best prices for flights departing from your city. currently […]