At CES 2024, The Portable Monitor showcased its legacy of innovation with the introduction of three new products designed to transform laptops into powerful, multi-screen workstations.

Monitors that can turn Laptops into 5-screen powerhouses.

As pioneers of dual-screen products, the company now launched a modular approach to products that fold, slide, swipe, add, and flip up to four additional monitors to laptops. Operating on a single USB cable, these monitors provide a completely portable and versatile workspace with up to five screens.

The Twins (24″) is a foldable 24-inch monitor, that offers a large-screen experience that folds down for easy mobility. Laurent Wéry, CEO, emphasizes the product’s flexibility and innovation, catering to professionals and creatives who require a larger canvas without compromising portability. The Twins (24″), which doesn’t have a disclosed price yet, marks a significant advancement in the product line, making standard monitor sizes mobile for the first time.

The Flex (14″) is a s a $599.00 dual 14-inch portable monitor designed for dynamic professionals seeking flexibility and efficiency in their workflow. Laurent Wéry notes that the Flex (14″) provides a dual-screen setup in a sleek, portable form, enhancing productivity and versatility on the go.

The Mono (15.6″) represents the latest innovation in single portable monitors, targeting light-traveling customers. Designed in a compact, tablet-like format, this $349.00 screen offers efficiency and quality for professionals who prioritize simplicity and portability.

CEO Laurent Wéry expresses excitement about transforming large, static desktop monitors into foldable, easily transportable solutions. Co-founder Charlee Jeunehomme highlights the revolutionary impact of The Slide ($579.00), one of the company’s iconic products, on customers’ work lives.

Thomas Castro, co-founder, introduces The Mono (15.6″) as a compact and efficient solution for professionals requiring a portable yet powerful display. The Mono’s exceptional display quality and compact size make it an attractive choice for those seeking simplicity and efficiency in their work setups.

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