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ASUS Delivers Massive Gaming Monitor
[IFA 2015] When it comes to gaming, you can be sure that gamers – serious ones, that is, would want to settle for nothing less but the very best. As long as they can afford it, of course, as it would be crazy to go into debt in order to fan one’s ego. Having said that, ASUS has just revealed a really, really huge monitor. Just how large is it? […]

Startup Offers 10,000 Belgian Fries Portions To Meet Mark Zuckerberg
We recently covered a portable rotating dual/tri-panel monitor for laptops called Slidenjoy developed by a Belgium-based startup of the same name. They launched a Kickstarter campaign for their product and the campaign has proven to be a hit raising much more than the startup’s goal, around $530,000 as of this writing. Slidenjoy now wants a meeting with Mark Zuckerberg because they think their rotating monitor solution is perfect for Facebook employees, and they’re […]

Samsung Unveils Monitor With Wireless Charging Capabilities
If you love the idea of wireless charging but hate the idea of having a wireless plate or wireless charging mat taking up space on your table, Samsung might have the answer for you. The company has recently taken the wraps off the Samsung SE370 monitor which is a computer monitor that has built-in wireless charging.The wireless charger is built into the base of the monitor itself, so you can […]

Slidenjoy, Portable Rotating Dual Monitor for Laptops
I got an interesting call yesterday from Belgium-based Slidenjoy co-founder, Charlee Jeunehomme, regarding his highly successful Kickstarter campaign, the first one in Belgium on Kickstarter, according to him. In fact, the crowdfunding service just launched a month ago in that country, and the Slidenjoy portable monitor campaign rose over $420,000 in just 8 days!Since we started Ubergizmo, ten years ago, we were always looking for additional portable monitors to purchase because […]


Lenovo Reveals New Generation Of ThinkVision T Series Monitors
Lenovo might be making waves with its range of notebooks, smartphones and tablets, but this does not mean that the company has forgotten about other hardware – such as the monitor, of course. In fact, Lenovo has just introduced a refreshed range of its ThinkVision T Series monitors that will boast of the latest green certificates and a new more refined ThinkVision design.

HP Z27q 27" IPS 5K Display Offers A Stunning View
So we have heard about 4K displays before, and have seen our fair share of those models in action, but such a high resolution have not really made its way into mainstream media consumption simply because there are many other aspects of the technology to work out on a wide scale basis. Having said that, this should be no excuse when it comes to delivering a next step forward in […]

LG Curved UltraWide Monitor To Be Revealed At IFA 2014
At every tech trade show, there are bound to be new and upcoming devices being released and announced, and IFA 2014 in Berlin, Germany, is no different. In fact, we have heard whispers that LG might actually introduce their LG G Watch 2 there, not to mention unveil the latest IPS 21:9 Curved UltraWide Monitor (model 34UC97) on the IFA 2014 showfloor – in addition to other compelling monitor offerings, […]

Samsung QMD Series 4K UHD Commercial Displays Unveiled
Samsung does not only cater to the general mass market, but they also have a heart for professionals as well as those who are involved in business. Since most of us do work in front of a computer for hours on end these days, it makes perfect sense if we are sitting in front of a good screen – so that our eyes will not get too tired at the […]

Samsung SD850 Business Monitor Introduced
Are all monitors created equal? The answer would be no, as Samsung proudly shows off their latest business monitor that goes by the moniker SD850. This premium monitor will target the professional B2B and performance consumer markets, where it delivers brilliant colors and higher resolution in order to change the way content creation is done, not to mention having innovative features which will be able to boost productivity as well […]

Samsung UD590 UHD Monitor Announced
It was just a couple of days ago when we brought you word that Samsung and Intel have come together to work on 4K monitors that do not cost a bomb, in fact, they will be priced at an attractive $399 each. Well, with more and more computers being able to support UHD resolution, it makes perfect sense for hardware manufacturers to come up with a compatible display, and Samsung’s […]

ASUS Reveals 32-Inch Curved Monitor
[Computex 2014] It is just me, or are hardware manufacturers slowly but surely making the move to curved form factors? That does seem to apply to the world of smartphones, as evident by what Samsung and LG have revealed in recent times, and it seems that monitors, too, are not exempt from this line of design thought with ASUS having unveiled a 32” curved monitor. Do bear in mind that […]

Philips Unveils Miracast Monitor
MMD, the technology company as well as brand license partner for Philips Monitors, has just announced the spanking new 239C4QHWAB 23-inch Philips Miracast display which will feature connectivity that is based on the Miracast standard. This would go some way in allowing users to be able to stream mobile content sans wires from devices that run on the Android mobile operating system in addition to other kinds of compatible hardware.

LG MP76 IPS Monitor Unveiled
South Korean consumer electronics giant LG has done it yet again – by introducing the premium MP76 IPS monitor. This particular monitor will sport a clear stand alongside a thin bezel, offering Full HD resolution without missing a beat. Your eyes will also be grateful for the Flicker-Safe technology that has been thrown into the mix for a far more comfortable viewing experience.

LG Introduces New 34-Inch IPS Monitor
CES 2014 is set to be another time of exciting news as well as the unveiling of additional consumer electronics devices that will (hopefully) blow the world away, and the folks over at LG intend to make the most of it by announcing that they will roll out their all new 34-inch IPS 21:9 UltraWide (Model UM95) monitor. Of course, just in case you do not need such a large […]

ViewSonic Debuts 10-Point Windows 8 Certified Touch TD40 Display Series
ViewSonic intends to deliver a new range of displays for business customers, where these new displays would arrive in the form of the TD2740 and TD3240. The former would be a 27” display which targets both consumer and commercial markets, while it has a larger 32″ TD3240 that was specially designed for interactive digital signage applications.Thanks to the inclusion of 10-point projected capacitive touch technology, both of these Full HD […]

LG Tests Out New IPS UltraWide Monitor In Men’s Room
The world of display technology continues to march forward relentlessly, where in years past we have seen the jumps made from black and white to color, to flat screen TVs before Full High Definition took over the scene, and now there is 3D to contend with. Well, images on the TV are getting more and more lifelike than ever before, thanks to an infusion of advancements made in display technology […]

AOC Q2963PM Widescreen HD Monitor
AOC has just announced their new 29” monitor that has been dubbed the Q2963PM, where this particular monitor will come in a 21:9 aspect ratio (that’s super wide according to some folks), sporting a combination of IPS LED technology alongside convenient connectivity in order to deliver a cinematic display experience right in front of you on the work desk. The Q2963PM will come with a pair of 3 Watt enclosed […]

Eizo Releases Networked Monitors
Eizo has just announced that they will be rolling out a couple of monitors of the 17” variety, where these monitors are no ordinary models. For one, they will be able to transmit audio as well as video, where they are capable of hooking up to computers over a local area network (LAN). The two models from Eizo would be the DuraVision FDS1702N and the DuraVision FDS1702NT, and whenever one […]

Sol Computers Rolls Out Sunlight Readable USB Monitor
Sol Computers has rolled out what could very well be an interesting addition to those who want more visual real estate on their travels – a sunlight readable 10” USB monitor with Pixel Qi display. It is definitely a boon to those who tend to do presentations outside of the office, and yet are thwarted by bright sunlight under most weather conditions, as the glossy display that worked brilliantly indoors […]

BenQ's XL2720T 27" Monitor Has Been Designed With The Gamer In Mind
If you’re the sort of person who takes their gaming very seriously, then you’re probably looking for ways  to gain an advantage over the competition, whether it be faster load times, higher DPI mice, better sound systems, or even a monitor with a faster response time. If a monitor is what you’re after than BenQ might have something for you in the form of the XL2720T, a monitor which was […]