Throwflame, an Ohio-based flamethrower manufacturer, has introduced an innovative product in the year 2024: the Thermonator, a robotic quadruped equipped with a mounted flame thrower. Priced at $9,420, this interesting creation combines advanced technology with an element of surprise at its affordability.

Weighing 26 pounds, the Thermonator boasts an ARC flamethrower capable of projecting fire in a 30-foot stream. Powered by gasoline and featuring a one-hour battery life, it comes with additional features such as a laser sight, lidar mapping, and remote control functionality through a dedicated mobile app.

Originally based on the Unitree Go1 quadruped robot, the Thermonator has been modified to accommodate Throwflame’s flamethrowing capabilities. The company asserts a range of potential applications for their product, including wildfire control, agriculture management, ecological conservation, entertainment special effects, and snow and ice removal — However, some observers have expressed concerns about its potential for misuse, given its ability to project flames on demand.

Throwflame emphasizes the versatility and novelty of the Thermonator, billing it as the “first-ever flamethrower-wielding robot dog.” Despite the eyebrow-raising nature of such a product, the company offers free shipping as an added incentive for potential buyers.

In addition to the Thermonator, Throwflame also markets a flame-throwing drone known as the TF-19 WASP, expanding their range of fiery innovations.

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