George Zhao, CEO of HONOR Device Co., Ltd, during his keynote address at Vivatech 2024

George Zhao, CEO of HONOR Device Co., Ltd, delivered a keynote address at VivaTech 2024 in Paris last week to announce HONOR’s Four-Layer AI Architecture and upcoming Gen-AI experiences with Google Cloud. With its innovative approach to on-device AI and collaboration with Google, the phone maker promises to enhance user experiences on its highly anticipated smartphones. Moreover, he unveiled HONOR’s partnership with the iconic Harcourt studio, famous for its black-and-white movie star portraits.

The Four-Layer AI Architecture emphasizes the integration of AI into MagicOS, its operating system. This architecture comprises four distinct layers: the Cross-device and the Cross-OS AI at the base layer allow users to share computing power and services among devices and operating systems. The Platform-level AI aims to provide a personalized operating system that enables an intent-based user interface and customized resource allocation. The App-level AI will offer a broad range of Gen-AI applications, and at the top, the Interface to Cloud-AI services layer gives access to AI-driven cloud services. Each layer contributes to creating a holistic AI experience, enabling personalized interactions, resource allocation, and access to cloud services while prioritizing user privacy.

Magic Portal, a feature of MagicOS 8.0 dubbed ”the industry’s first intent-based UI,” simplifies complex tasks based on user behavior. With support for numerous applications across various scenarios, Magic Portal aims to provide seamless and intelligent AI experiences.

During the keynote, George Zhao announced that the upcoming HONOR 200 Series smartphone will revolutionize portrait photography with AI-enhanced capabilities inspired by Studio Harcourt, renowned for its iconic portrait shots. By leveraging AI to replicate Studio Harcourt’s process for lighting and shadow effects, the HONOR 200 Series promises to ensure studio-quality portraits with every shot. The smartphone will launch in Paris on June 12th, stay tuned for more information.

Furthermore, HONOR’s commitment to democratizing AI extends to its MagicOS 8.0 rollout, reaching a wider audience through compatibility with its HONOR Magic V2 and HONOR 90 devices. This move aligns with HONOR’s human-centric design philosophy, prioritizing user empowerment and privacy in AI integration across devices.

During the event, a panel discussion explored the future of multimodal interaction, emphasizing the potential of on-device AI to enhance convenience and privacy protection. Dr. Justine Cassell highlighted the growing comfort with AI integrating verbal and nonverbal cues, foreseeing the adoption of multimodally-sensitive AI on smartphones.

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    • Nano Memory
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